Find a place to stay in Western Australia’s national and conservation parks

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Bookings can be made up to 180 days (approx. six months) before arrival.


For stays from 1 July 2024 bookings are essential for all campgrounds in Leeuwin-Naturaliste and Blackwood River national parks, Rapids and St John Brook conservation parks, and for Wrights Bridge campground.

'Session' time and inactivity limits

The time to search and complete a campsite booking is limited because demand for campsite bookings can be extremely high. Your remaining time is shown at the top right of the page.

If you do not interact with the website for a period, a warning will appear, and you will have a limited time to confirm you are still active.

If your time expires or you don't confirm you are still active, your 'session' will end and you will have to start again. If you were part-way through a booking, the same campsite may not be available for booking for a short period. If there are other users queueing, you will go to the back of the queue.

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